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What to EXPECT from Natural Soap?

Natural Handmade Soap is Not the SAME as mass-market one!

If you know what to Expect from Natural Bar You will be 100% satisfied & joyful with your purchase!

Use the tips below to make your choice

Natural Soap is a bit softer in comparison to the manufactured bar. Treat it delicately.

Natural Soap depending on the formula may have less rich foam. If you bubble soaps with hands high chances you will receive creamy foam. To gain big bubbles use the sponge.

Natural Soap is prone to melting in a soap dish. To avoid that please choose a soap dish with a good drainage system. So the bar will have time to well dry between usage.

Always choose the soap bar depending on your skin type. For dry skin choose soaps based on olive oil with delicate adding: chrysanthemum/ oats/ vanilla/lavender/ vegan milk/butter. For oily skin focus on soaps based on coconut oil and more detoxifying agents: charcoal, salt, moringa, kaffir lime, green clay.

To keep the smell and color of Natural Soap Bar longer do keep it in the paper bag, this will keep soap protected from evaporation or the impact of direct sun. But giving the soap a chance to dry out well and become even better in quality. By any means avoid stocking soap in plastic, zip-lock bags.

We hope the tips will be useful for you & bring much JOY!

For the hands-on experience of natural soap, we welcome you to our little store.

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