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5 Ways an Aroma Candle Can Improve Your Home and Wellbeing

Aroma candles have long been used to enhance various experiences of life. Having originated as an invaluable source of light, candles have evolved over time to serve a wide range of aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. Many ancient civilizations, including Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Indians, Aztecs, and Mayans, were known to use scented candles for bath, massage, reading, praying, meditating, and spiritual purposes. With the rise of self-care practices, scented candles are making a comeback and enjoying huge popularity all over the world, mainly owing to their calming and soothing properties.

Here are 5 benefits and uses of an aroma candle.

1. Comforting aroma and ambiance

Aroma candles that are made with plant-based wax, pure essential oils, and wooden wick burn cleanly without polluting the environment. Apart from creating a warm atmosphere, they also add a soulful aroma that fills your heart with feelings of optimism, joy, contentment, peace, and confidence. There are literally a thousand ways of using a scented candle in your home. Lighting up a rose-scented candle, for example, can immediately transform your home into a lovely, romantic setting that promotes conversation and cheerfulness. They also make excellent, thoughtful gifts to show appreciation to your loved ones. What’s more, some scents like lemongrass and cinnamon can even help purify the environment of airborne allergens and leave a pleasant fragrance that discourages insects from paying a visit.

2. Fuels creativity

When your home is your temple (and your new office), it makes sense to invest in something that helps you feel at ease and productive at the same time. Aroma candles can create a soft, grounding ambiance around your home that makes you feel relaxed, motivated, creative, and mentally energized. A study suggests that even the simple act of looking at a flickering flame for a few minutes can help increase alpha brain waves, which is like a state of wakeful rest. Alpha brain waves are produced when you are calm and fully self-aware but not concentrating on anything in particular. In this state, your mind tends to ignore unwanted distractions and feels creatively stimulated.

Aroma candles come in many different scents that you can choose from. Our peppermint-scented candle is made from pure peppermint oil, which has been clinically proven to reduce work-related stress, increase mental alertness, and boost cognitive performance.

3. Promotes relaxation and sleep

Study shows that exposure to bright artificial lamps and electronic devices in the evening hours can disrupt sleep pattern by altering the circadian rhythm and suppressing sleep-inducing hormones. The Sleep Foundation suggests turning off artificial bulbs and switching to a natural light source, such as a candle, before going to bed. They also recommend filling your bedroom with the natural aroma of lavender essential oil.

Unwinding in the lovely flicker of a lavender-scented candle after a particularly tiring day can be a deeply restorative way to reward yourself for the hard work. Numerous studies have shown that lavender’s aroma has a deeply relaxing effect on the central nervous system, which can reduce muscle fatigue, relax the spine, slow down the heart rate, and control wandering thoughts, helping you slowly doze off. In one study, inhaling lavender aroma before bedtime increased the duration of slow-wave sleep (also known as deep sleep) in young men and women. As a result, participants reported improved mood and higher energy levels during the daytime.

4. Takes self-care to a whole new level

A recent 2020 study found that inhaling plant-based organic aromas can induce the brain to release desirable chemical responses, such as nervous relaxants or mood-boosting hormones. Some aromas are empowering for the brain, while others have a calming effect. There are also some harmonizing scents that neither stimulate nor relax but rather have a centering effect on the mind.

So whether you are cooking, reading, relaxing on the couch, meditating, watching Netflix, spending quality time with family, practicing yoga, enjoying a rejuvenating bath, or simply having some me time, try doing it in the grounding ambiance of an aroma candle and see the effect. You can make custom aroma candles for your wide-ranging self-care practices with our DIY candle set. It comes in five fragrances that you can choose from: lavender, lemongrass, rose, cinnamon-orange, and mint – rest assured that we offer something for your every mood.

5. Supports healing

For centuries, holistic healing systems like Ayurveda, yoga, Chinese medicine, and Traditional Thai medicine have used relaxation practices to complement the benefits of therapies. The purpose of lighting an aroma candle during a restorative massage goes way beyond mere aesthetics. Unlike artificial scents, essential oils contain active therapeutic compounds that are well-proven to enhance mental and emotional wellness. Research shows that soothing aromas like lavender and chamomile can help relax muscles, alleviate psycho-emotional stress, reduce pain, promote hormonal balance, and support restful sleep. When combined with the warmth and comfort of a flickering candle, these powerful medicinal oils can support body-mind integration and promote faster healing.

Making your own scented candles

Choose soy wax over beeswax: While both soy wax and beeswax are non-toxic, soot-free, and infinitely better than paraffin wax, soy wax has a number of advantages over beeswax. Being purely plant-based (vegan), soy wax candles are environmentally sustainable, ethically superior, and economically less expensive than beeswax candles. Soy wax leaves the least carbon footprint and burns longer than other waxes. Also, beeswax has a distinct scent of its own that can interfere with the aroma of essential oils. Soy wax, on the other hand, is completely odorless and perfectly suited for making scented candles.

Select the essential oil: Choosing the right scent can make all the difference because the essential oil is literally the soul of an aromatherapy candle.

Organic wooden wick: Wooden wicks burn cleaner without leaving any residue.

Making your own aroma candle can be amazingly simple and a joyful experience, especially if you have kids around your home. You can register here for our workshop, where we share age-old techniques for making high-quality candles infused with herbs and flowers.

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