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  • Do you have parking?
    We recommend to park cars at the Sukhumvit Soi 49. If you turn from Sukhumvit road you will see it in 100 m on your left.
  • Can kids join the workshop?
    Kids from 11 years can join as an independant participants. As the regular events have to do wit ingredients which require exta precautions for the participants under 11 years a separate event would have to be organised with a simplified structure.
  • Can I use my soap straight away?
    Absolutely yes! We make hot process soap making which allows us to have the soap ready to be used right after the session
  • Can I book a private group workshop?
    Yes of course you can. For the group from 1 to 4 people there is a fixed price of 6,500THB. For a group starting from 5 people the price per person is 1,300THB for a soap making workshop. The price may vary depending on the subject. Perfume Making is 7,500THB for 1-4 participants and 1,700 per person starting from 5 people. Should you like to customise your event please contact us through the contact form or email
  • How many people can participate in a workshop?
    For regular events we limit the seating to 9 people per session. Should you like to book a group event we can modify the venue to accommodate more participants.
  • I am not very creative/science minded. Will I be able to do it?
    As long as you can weigh accurately and follow instructions yes you will definitely be able to make soap. All students leave saying they feel they would have the confidence to make more soap at home.
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