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About Us

Maria Kalita, founder Bangkok Soap Opera

What is Soap Opera Events?


 Soap Opera Events is the Soap Opera's project aimed to share the knowledge of how you can use household tools and your kitchen to create all the beauty care and soaps which you can find in our stores.

Hosting events from all walks of life we are proud to be able to reach out to different communities and make a little change in how we see this world. 

We are proud to reach out to the youth and show them how nature can give us all the ingredients, scents and colorants to make soaps and skin care in a fun way learning the basics of chemistry along the way. 

Working with corporations we can tap into bigger communities and share ideas how we can be more sustainable through our beauty care. 

Giving back is one of the pillars of Soap Opera where we host community events and teach how we can use waste ingredients to turn them into cleansing materials.

Reach out to us and see many more ways we can contribute to your communities through our events.
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