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What is SHELF LIFE of your Beauty Care?

This is a question we get from our customers daily, both online and in the store

are there any special instructions to keep products FRESH at home & use it safely?

Our products have surprisingly long shelf life for natural Products but it still has a limitation️

Long shelflife in our products doesn't come from the usage of preservation ingredients

There are some simple secrets that help us keep our formulas free from stabilisers &

Safe for you to use in Beauty Routine‍:

Secret #1. We use formulas that are 100% water FREE. We like to mix herbal powders, clays, local vegetable oils to create our products. Such a mix doesn't need a preservative. But anyway can have shelflife 3-6 month long

Secret #2. Such products as Soap has natural alkaline PH 8-10. Which makes it self-preserved formula. Even we enrich our soaps with fruit juices or fresh milk, there is no risk of growing mould or fungi.

️But keep in mind all fresh ingredients are thoroughly mixed into the product. We never use fresh herbs or flowers to decorate the soap.

Secret #3. Cosmetic products that have eater or hydrosol as an ingredient we recommend to keep in the fridge. Low temperature can help prolong shelflife even up to 2 months.

Without fridge shelflife of that product can be as short as 2-3 weeks.

Now getting back to the question:

What is the shelflife of the products?

Bar Soaps or Shampoo.

Shelflife: 12-24 month.

To prolong their life: keep soaps in a paper bag before starting to use it. So it will help to preserve smell and colour. After starting to use it, always let the bar dry between usage. It will keep the soap solid and bubble until the last small bit.

Products in Powder Form

( face masks/ deodorants/toothpaste powder)

Shelflife is 12 month.

To prolong their life: always mix the powder with water if needed in a separate jar. Avoid leaking of any liquids into the jar. Always use a dry, clean spoon to take the powder out of the jar.

Products in Paste or Oil Form

( face antiaging mask, face scrubs, multifunctional body oil, perfume, face serum)

Shelflife 6 months.

To prolong their life: keep out of direct sunshine, avoid dropping water into the jar with the product.

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