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3 Times More Hydration With These 3 Moisturizing Products

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

You probably know how important hydration is to your skin: enough water supply is a must keep skin firm, fresh and bright. But have you ever wondered what options do you have on hands to easily moisturise your skin at home?

How to be sure that you bring just enough hydration to all the skin levels?

In your everyday beauty routine, you can choose from 3 options of moisturising products.

Each of them has its own very unique power to keep your skin hydrated.

1. Hydrosol or Flower Water. This is very easy to apply and bring daily in a bag. Hydrosol is a water-based extract of a chosen herb or flower. It comes in liquid form, as a rule in a spray bottle. Hydrosol is a perfect moisturising spray that has an additional function of a toner. It is advised to be used daily after you have washed your face, but you can freely enjoy it 3-5 times a day, whenever you need refreshment during the day.

Tip: To make use of this moisturising product on a new level, always choose a Hydrosol that perfectly suits your skin type: pandan for dry skin, lemongrass for combination, turmeric for acne.

Moisturising intensity: superficial, hydrates only the top layer of the epidermis.

2. Day Moisturising Cream. This product is a blend of the water phase and the oil phase. On mass-market products, every single cream is made out of blending the distilled water and mineral oil. But if you ever tried Natural Day cream, you may find much more than that: a delicately whipped blend of high-quality Hydrosols with extra virgin vegetable oils. This simple formula makes cream highly powerful for daily hydration. As hydrosol connects to the oil, it can moisturise on much deeper levels. Avoiding unneeded evaporation of the hydrating ingredients from the skin surface. Which means your skin will benefit fully from the product applied

Tip: while shopping for the Moisturising Day Cream try to avoid mineral oil in the formula, as it can provoke signs of early aging and misbalance breathing function of the skin.

Moisturising intensity: hydrates deeply.

3. Hydrating Night Serum. Night Serum can be very easy to use Deep Hydration weapons on your bathroom shelf. Night serum is a blend of extra virgin oils, vitamin, and glycerin. Glycerin is a natural alcohol that is a famous hydration agent. Because of the mixing of oils with glycerin, such serum will never leave a greasy unpleasant film on the skin. Night serum is a classical product with prolonged effect, hydration and nourishment will take place all night long.

Tip: night serum is a perfect moisturising product for every skin for night care, but can be also perfect morning hydration for owners of dry, prone to irritation skin type.

The best way to apply night serum is on the wet skin. And only 2-3 drops per application.

Moisturising intensity: hydrates & nourishes deeply.

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