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Truth About Chemicals in Natural Soaps

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The only real way to make Natural Soaps Is to use CHEMICALS!

Chemical is not synonym to unnatural. Technically every ingredient, that we source from nature is both Chemical and Natural by origin. Are you surprised?

Two main ingredients we need to make soap are vegetable oils & lye. Sounds like a Harsh Chemical? Lye is a chemical. If you put Lye or NaOh on your skin, it will provoke hard to heal burn, real wound but how can we make Natural Soap with it?

“The Soapmaker’s Maths Expression.” Lye is necessary for making natural soap, as air for our living.

Did you know?

Soap is oil that has been saponified. Saponification, by definition, is the reaction of lye with fatty acids to produce the salts of the fatty acids (“soap”). Without lye, saponification doesn’t happen. Therefore, no lye, means no soap.

No Danger!!! After the saponification process is over there is no lye in the soap. Every soap bar PH is 8-10 which is safe to be used on the skin.

A couple more words about origin of lye. Lye is sourced from concentration of wooden ash. In older times people used to make soap from wooden ash and vegetable oils. It took 5-7 days to cook soap. The only thing changed with time, that we can purchase pure concentrate of wooden ash, like NaOH or lye and make soap out of it. Using lye makes the process more predictable and safe.

Though there are many products out there that can be used for cleaning that are not really soap, and were not made with lye. These products are most likely detergents- synthetic cleansers often made with petroleum products, and harsh cleaning agents. You may find soap crafters who claim to “make soap” without using lye. These folks rely on pre-made bases that they melt down and mold. This is called the “Melt and Pour” technique. Not real "Soap Making".

Be assured, though, that the manufacturer of their base used lye, or the base is a synthetic detergent.

All Real Soaps are made with Lye.

Bangkok Soap Opera uses old-fashion hot process soap making. We are not afraid of the "bad lye", as it helps us to create truly handmade, natural and beneficial soaps. Full of love & nature spirit.

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