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These Five Flowers Will Change Your Perception of Soap

Every single flower is being analysed first, then treated individually so it can keep all the MUST HAVE vitamins safe for the benefits of your skin. Curious to know more? Keep on reading!

Rose & Strawberry Soap. Rose flowers have to be dried right away after being harvested. It is not allowed to wash the petals before drying, as it will destroy the smell. The drying process has to be done in the shade of the trees, to keep the color beautifully pink. Dry rose petals are grained into a delicate powder. The powder will fill the soap with antioxidants which will bring anti-aging and uplifting effect. This particular soap is also infused with the precious rose essential oil, which is a pure concentrate of eternal beauty: it brings shine, balances the tone of the skin, brightens pigmentation.

Frangipani & Papaya Soap. Frangipani is harvested fresh and boiled to create a highly concentrated decoction. The color of it will later impact the color of the future soap. It may vary from light milkiness to strong yellow color. Frangipani tea is a never-ending source of Vit B12 for our skin. It helps restore and rejuvenate. Frangipani decoction will help relieve scarring and pigmentation. It will bring a fresh look to your skin after every usage of soap, you will enjoy yourself in the mirror and smile.

Lavender and White Clay Soap. Well dried lavender flowers are perfect from last year's harvest, as they will be enough dried out and keep concentrated vitamins and minerals. We extract all the benefits from lavender by infusing it into the olive oil. Olive oil is being mixed with lavender buds and kept in a dark place for 4-8 weeks. Later on, filtered and ready to be used in soap making. This lavender oil is used 100% in the soap formula on further steps. It doesn't impact the color of the soap but brings rich benefits.

Lavender oil can soothe inflammation of any origin, help relieve itchiness and redness, help with allergy reaction, and rash. Lavender oil will create creamy heavy foam, that will nourish skin while washing face or hands. Your skin will feel hydrated, soft like silk.

Bael & Ylang-Ylang Soap. Ylang-Ylang is one of a kind tropical flower with a vibrant exotic aroma. It is extremely hard to extract the smell out of this plant. The only real way to benefit from it is usage of 100% pure Essential Oil. To extract it we use copper distillers. Essential Oil needs time to be made, it takes 5-10 h to extract up to 10 ml of oil, for this process up to 10 kg of fresh flowers required.

Ylang- Ylang oil can make help with early signs of aging: help you brighten pigmentation spots, uplift your skin and brighten skin tone. Ylang-Ylang is famous for its possibility to activate rejuvenation, and bring an unbeatable glow to your skin, as you have just been to the gateway on the islands: fresh, smooth and shiny.

This are small secrets of the big production process. Each step is made with our hearts filled with love, every mixing process is filled with passion for local herbs. We hope after this article, looking at the bar of soap in your bathroom you will feel the magic.

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