The Ultimate Skin Care Checklist

In modern times and in modern big cities skincare becomes a standard routine same as combing hair or brushing teeth. To preserve the natural shine, youth of the skin and protect it from pollution you can adopt the below simple ways to extend the youth and healthy look of your skin.

Moisturizing matters

Pollution, sun, and stress can dry out skin, so calm it with natural moisturising cream or spray. A great example of a simple moisturising routine is Hydrosol Face Mist. It can be used every time after you washed your face with soap, or during the day time as many times as you need it. Hydrosol makes wonders for your skin but 100% free from any chemicals. Hydrosol is a result of steam distilling. Every hydrosol not only brings pure hydration but also tons of vitamins as it is an extract of the plant.

Ingredients to avoid: synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, emulsifier, colorants.

Remember your neck!

The skin on your neck is thinner and has fewer oil glands than your face so needs special care. Use a rich, neck-specific cream and massage upwards. It can be a heavy cream for dry skin, butter, or a lotion bar based on oils and waxes. Ingredients to look for: shea butter, avocado oil, cacao butter, sweet almond oil, bees, or canola wax. Such a formula will work perfectly through all night, beeswax will help keep hydration in the skin and easily protect from environmental pollution.

Ingredients to avoid: mineral oil, paraffin.

Nourish all night

Skin renews itself while you sleep with a heavy, rich in vitamin