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Curious How Many Steps It Takes to Make Face Salt Scrub?

Natural beauty care is closer than you think. In a few easy steps, you can learn how to become a creator of your unique natural scrubs, soaps, perfumes, and more.

In Bangkok Soap Opera we are proud to share knowledge on how everyone can be a master of your beauty with natural ingredients. Every weekend we welcome you to our events and let yo learn how you can make your own beauty care in a fun yet way full of rules, chemistry, and a pinch of magic on top.

Today we focus on one of the most used products for skin rejuvenation - scrubs to give you a glimpse of the production process:

1. Organic Salt from farms located in the South of Thailand is being filtered and cleaned out. To make it pure for work and avoid discoloring.

2 Clean Salt is blended to make the texture smooth enough for both face and body usage. Sea Salt is a perfect source of minerals for your skin. Salt can detox and brighten the skin.

3. Clays required in the recipe ( Pink, White, or Green) are softly and slowly blended with salt, to create a smooth powder mix.

4. Dry herbs of the choice (chrysanthemum/ rosella or lime peel) are ground until we get a perfectly smooth powder.

5. Herbal powder is filtered again, to get rid of lumps.

6. Herbal powder is added into the main scrub mix. Each herb has it's own unique benefits for specific skin types.

7. The dry scrub mix is infused with vitamin E

8. Sweet Almond Oil is added to every formula to bring hydration and softening effect.

9. Essential oils are added as a last step to the formula, finalising it, and boosting it to the new level. Each essential oil blend can have a significant effect on the skin; brightening its tone, preventing breakouts, soothing pores, helping to prevent early wrinkles.

10. Scrubs being packed into the jars and ready for labeling.

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