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See Why Hot Process Soap Is Best for Your Skin

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The hot process soap-making method is the only one we use for 10 years and never wish to change.

The hot process soap-making method is the only one we use for 10 years and never wish to change.

We belong to 5% of Soap Makers that use this old fashion technique. This technique requires more knowledge in comparison to other techniques, more time, but we still keep on choosing it daily. Here we are telling you why:

As said in the previous publications 95% of soaps you see on shelves of supermarkets and even natural soap stores are Cold Process Soaps. Hot Process is the only technique that helps us save all the magical benefits for your skin a bar of soap can have. This is not the personal choice in terms of technique, but a MUST to make your skin happy after using our soaps.

As revealed in our previous publication even the most natural soap requires chemical agents to get the form and function, we all love soap for. This agent is called Lye or NaOH. Hot-Process just like the Cold-Process method mixes oils and lye to create soap. The only difference which plays a crucial role is that the hot process allows to preserve the benefits of natural ingredients because the moment of the chemical reaction or the process of saponification takes place before we add all the skin yummies to the soap.

So, let’s get into why you may want to use soap made in a hot-process method.

All the essential oils, fruit purees, herbal juices are added in the soap AFTER the chemical reaction is finished which allows preserving all the benefits of the natural ingredients. This is exactly why we can separate our soaps into categories according to skin types.

The same rule applies to goat's and vegetable milk, clays, spices, etc. These extremely nourishing products are preserved in the soap and you can compare them with frozen cubes of little mixtures of the herbal juices, essential oils, milk, fruit extracts into little cubes. In our case, we enclose this mixture in a bar of soap which together with cleansing will also detoxify, nourish, moisturize or hydrate your skin depending on your needs.

We control the temperature when adding the essential oils as they have their point of evaporation, a moment when they lose all the benefits leaving only the scent. Hot Process soap making allows us to add essential oils only after the soap has cooled enough and will not destroy the essential oil.

Once in a mold Hot Process soap is ready to be used as all the magic of chemistry has been behind. It only needs a day to cool down and dry to become a skincare bar full of benefits for the skin, whereas other techniques will see the chemical reaction taking place for weeks after the soap is in the mold with chemical reaction taking place throughout this time giving little or no chance to the natural ingredients for survival.

Throughout years of experimenting and finding the best shape and form for a bar of soap, we came to the conclusion that there is only one way we can deliver the most out of what is called natural. Hot Process soap is the only way proven by our ancestors. It proved that perfection lies in simplicity, and simplicity of the soap made a hot process way reminds us of what a huge impact a simple soap can have on our everyday skincare routine.

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