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Q & A on Natural Soaps. Things you always wanted to know.

1. How is your soap different?

We do Hot Process Soaps only which is used by only 5% of soap makers throughout the world due to its complexity.

Only hot process allows to save the maximum of natural ingredients. This is possible thanks to the fast process of saponification. Immediately after the soap is born we add the natural ingredients like herbal juices, essential oils, fruit purees, extracts to the soap which solidify overnight and are ready to treat your skin.

2. How does the method you use impact the quality of the Soap?

It helps us save all the benefits from fresh herbs and fruits added, it's like freezing the fresh berries in ice cubes.

3. How do you gain such vibrant and varied colors in the soap?

We use a variety of methods to extract the colors, but as a source, we use only fresh local herbs, fruits, vegetables.

4. Is your soap made for face or body, or hands?

Every soap we produce is focused on the face. We add nourishing oils in the last steps of formulating, which will make soap suitable for delicate facial skin. But if the soap is good enough for the face, it will be a perfect fit for the body and hands.

5. How many types of soaps do you produce?

We offer 29 recipes that cover a range of soaps for different skin types and skin needs.

6. Can I get your professional guidance while choosing Soaps as there are so many choices?

Yes, we are professionals in guiding you through soap choice. We can assist you with choosing soap for your skin type, skin special needs according to benefits of the natural ingredients we use in production, herbal juices, extracts, fruit purees, and essential oils.

7. Can I test your soaps in the store, before purchase?

Yes, do enjoy the testing station in our store, where you can try the soap you liked, see the type of foam, how nourishing it is and which will suit your skin the best.

8. How much does your soap cost?

Our soaps are sold by weight in our stores. 1 gram = 1 THB. As we cut our soaps by hand, they will all slightly vary in weight and price. All the soaps are approximately 100 gr. Still to give you the possibility to try our soaps there are smaller bars which maintain our motto that "Natural should not be expensive".

9. If I purchase your soaps online, will they also vary by weight and price?

For online orders we have a fixed price of 100 THB per bar and ensure that the bar for shipment is at least 100 gram or more. We always put value for the customer as priority and in most cases you get few extra gram of soap more.

10. How are your soaps packed, is packaging sustainable?

You will always find soaps on our shelves naked. They don't mind you looking at them and even taking them in your hands. We encourage you to put your purchased soaps in your own bag, or we pack it in recycled paper with a note of the type.

11. What is the shelf-life of the soaps you make?

Our soaps will be stable in quality up to 12 months, but the strongest aroma and color will be experienced during the first 4-6 months.

12. How should I stock the natural soaps, to keep them fresh?

We recommend keeping your soaps in paper bags, that's it. By any means avoid keeping natural handmade soap in sealed plastic bags or cans. Natural soap has to breathe to be dry, solid, and fresh.

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