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Make a Right Choice on How to Feed Your Skin

Have you ever wondered about the impact of any cosmetics you apply on your skin?

If the answer is yes, probably you have been focusing on the impact you get as an external result: more smooth skin, fewer wrinkles, soothing effect on skin pores, or getting rid of acne. These aims sound truly reasonable, as any cosmetics are applied specifically to treat the skin, isn't it?

But if we dig deeper, we would find out that skin is not only a protective film on our body but also a strong digestion organ.


Our skin is a film that helps our body interchange with the environment, skin helps us breathe, stabilize body temperature, and of course, protect our body from bacteria. But the interesting fact, not many people know or consider, is that skin can digest. Actually anything that you apply on the skin will be partly or fully dissolved. Any ingredient will penetrate into deep layers of skin and then reach the bloodstream. Sharing all good or bad impacts all over the body.

So technically when you plan to apply any beauty care product on your skin, you need to consider its both external and internal impact, as well as following questions:

- Are the ingredients of your skincare good enough to become food for your body?

- Will your body feel good after this impact?

- What long term effects cosmetics can have on your lifestyle or mood?

There can be both positive or negative internal impact of Beauty Care Usage:

Negative impact may be a result of the usage of chemical, not approved ingredients in the production process:

- hormonal misbalance

- provoke tumors growth

- infertility

- depression

- activation of allergies

- intolerance to antibiotics treatments

This all sounds surprising to you?

But such a disastrous impact doesn't happen overnight, it takes years to grow the impact, to accumulate negative impact on inner organs. It is so easy not to consider this bad impact as we are used not to think about cosmetics in a very serious way but try to think about them like the food you put on your skin daily.

Depending on the strength of your body, the strength of the immune system, or genetics in your family, the result may be strong, or totally invisible. But would you like to risk?

Is it nor better to be in full control of your Beauty Care routine by considering it to be FOOD for your SKIN?

As you would choose healthy food for your skin, the same way you would need to make a choice for daily skin routine. We would recommend focusing on edible, organic plant-based products. This will work miracles for both external effect and internal.

The positive impact of Cosmetics on your body:

- stable positive mood, as your body gets additional nutrition through the skin.

- prevents depression, beauty care with natural essential oils can help you stay positive and bring smiles daily on your face.

- boost the immune system by using cosmetics with Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Mint externally can help your body boost its strength and protect from viruses or bacteria.

- help DETOX your body by using cosmetics with organic clays. It can help not only brighten the skin tone but also boost renovation processes in your body, bringing more energy to your everyday life.

Probably this information is the best first step on the journey of Healthy Natural Beauty Routine.

Give it a try, before applying anything on to your skin, answer the simple question:

Is it the right choice for how to feed and nourish my skin?

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